Kenny B to perform new campus festival Summervibes

And: an Abba Tribute and several Wageningen acts.
Kenny B during a concert. Photo Shutterstock

The Summervibes festival is to be held on Thursday, 22 June, from 15:00 till 23:00 hr on the field in between Atlas and Forum for ‘campus residents’ (students and employees) and is free of charge. The goal is to make this an annual event that ushers in the summer on campus.

Omnia manager Chris van Kreij is the initiator behind the festival. ‘During the covid pandemic, students organised Globus-festival. They requested my help in organising a second edition of the festival, but that was cancelled. A real pity because it was a great party that really added something to the campus. Hence, I thought: would it be possible for WUR to take over some of the students’ tasks related to permits and safety? That way, the students can focus on programming and decorating.’

Green light

Van Kreij took his idea to Sjef Moling, who, as AID project leader, has extensive experience in organising festivals on the campus. ‘He became my partner in crime’, Van Kreij says. ‘He knows many students and student organisations, and he knows what it takes in terms of permits and safety to organise a festival. Together, we made a plan and presented it before various WUR departments and businesses on campus. They gave us the green light.’
Van Kreij and Moling started organising the festival in March with four students. ‘Next year, we want to take some more time to organise it, as it is currently a bit of a pressure cooker.’

ABBA Tribute. Photo Martijn Swart

From ABBA to a swing ride

The target group ‘campus residents’ is a broad group, says Van Kreij. ‘So, we need a varied programme. We start off with the cover band THUNK, which was a big success at WUR’s centennial celebrations five years ago. Next is the Surinam-Dutch singer Kenny B — known for hits such as Parijs and Als Je Gaat — with a live band. After that, the ABBA Tribute will offer music for all generations. The student party band Jazzalike, which performed at the Zwarte Cross, will take the stage in the evening. Wageningen DJs will perform in between these acts and at the end of the programme.’

In addition to music, there will also be a swing ride. Van Kreij: ‘A live event with live music, chilling on the grass and a ride in the carrousel. The students are taking care of the decorations to create a real festival atmosphere. Now all that remains is to hope for good weather.’

Jazzalike and audience. Photo Jazzalike

Costa Rica

Summervibes will sell tokens for 2.25 euros that can be exchanged for food and beverages. Van Kreij: ‘The price is very reasonable for a free event. We want to keep the threshold low.’ Tokens are best bought ahead of the event but will also be available during the festival. Buying five tokens ahead of the festival is rewarded with a ticket for the swing ride, ‘which allows you to bypass the queue. Selling tokens ahead of the event gives us an indication of how many guests to expect so that we know how many food trucks we will need.’

As was the case with the Globus festival, Summervibes aims to contribute to a better world. ‘Ten cents of every token will go towards conserving the rainforest in Costa Rica.’

Click here for more information on the Summervibes festival and programme.

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