Resource is the independent medium for students and staff at Wageningen University & Research. Resource reports and interprets the news and gives the background. New articles are posted daily on

The magazine is published every fortnight on Thursday, this year on: 10 August (AID-special), 31 August, 14 September, 28 September, 12 October, 2 November, 16 November, 30 November, 14 December, 18 January, 1 February, 15 February, 29 February, 14 March, 28 March, 25 April, 16 May, 6 June, 20 June, 4 July.

Willem Andrée

Helene Seevinck
Senior editor

Roelof Kleis
Editor ecology, campus development and plant

Luuk Zegers
Editor student and education

Marieke Enter
Editor social sciences, animal and WUR organisation

Dominique Vrouwenvelder
Editor food and health

Coretta Jongeling
Editor online and social media

Miranda Bettonville
Magazine editor Wageningen World

Editorial Board

The Editorial Board advises the Editorial Unit and monitors the statements published in Resource in the light of the basic principles laid down in the editorial statute of Resource. The Board consists of staff and students of Wageningen University & Research (WUR) and journalistically oriented, experts from outside the WUR. Complaints and appeals from readers about the content of Resource can be addressed to the Board via email: