Energy compensation block heating announced

Climate and Energy Minister Jetten announced the sums on Wednesday.
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Tenants of ‘independent’ apartments with block services for natural gas and electricity will receive at least 1,598 euros in compensation. For students with a shared main entrance, this amounts to 670 euros.

A price cap has been put in place to cushion the effects of the skyrocketing energy prices: the price is capped up to a predetermined amount per individual customer. Additionally, the government issued a one-off payment of 190 euros twice over. Tenants with shared amenities, however, as is the case for many students, were unable to benefit. In November, Minister Jetten of Climate and Energy decided that this group also deserves to be compensated. The sums were made public on Wednesday.


Owners and managers of apartments with block connections can apply for the funds in two rounds from the tax authorities as of February. Student housing organisations are still considering how and when precisely the compensation will be settled with the monthly services fee. The amounts in the second round might still increase slightly, depending on how the energy prices develop.

Compensation block-connectionsGasElectricityTotal
Independent units1.0635351.598
Shared units445225670

Source: Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. Minimal amounts in euros.

The cabinet announced in December that households with block services were to be compensated, as they did not receive the one-off remuneration of 190 euros which was paid out twice. Tenants of independent units with block electricity will receive 380 euros. Shared units will receive less.

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