Education minister wants crackdown on harassment of diversity officers

A journalistic project by higher education media, including Resource, showed that diversity employees are intimidated.

Basic student grant, what is it?

The basic student grant is to be reinstated. Some questions and answers.
De rechtbank van Amsterdam

Yet another student wins court case about energy compensation

Judge rules that excluding students violates the equal rights principle.
Een lange rij wachtenden

Wageningen has the second shortest waiting time for student housing

In university cities in the metropolitan area, students sometimes graduate before housing…

Energy compensation block heating announced

Climate and Energy Minister Jetten announced the sums on Wednesday.

Unions demand a 14.3 per cent salary increase

Teachers’ unions presented their joint demands for a new collective labour agreement…

Influx: many pre-university scholars delay studying

Fewer first-year students enrolled at Dutch universities for the second consecutive year.
A silenced

Academic freedom globally under threat

Human rights organisation Scholars at Risk notes an increasing number of attacks…

Website and hotline for threatened scientists

As of today, scientists who feel threatened can reach out on
Magic hat with money

Trick to keep lower interest rates on student loan

Temporarily pausing your student loans could save huge amounts later.