A 7000-kilometre cycling trip for regenerative agriculture

‘We aim to end the trip in Tanzania in 10 months.’
Aisha Hassan and Lukas Paltanavicius. Photo Roel Riphagen

Text Susan van Weperen

Recently graduated Aisha Hassan and Lukas Paltanavicius hopped on their bikes in Wageningen earlier this week to better understand regenerative agriculture. The route of 7000 kilometres will end in Tanzania.

‘In the coming ten months, we aim to visit ten farms on which regenerative agriculture is practised, and we want to make ten mini-documentaries about these farms’, says Paltanavicius (28, Biobased Sciences).

They will take their video equipment along with them on the trip. Through the mini-documentaries, they want to give the farmers a voice. ‘We want to share the farmers’ perspective and learn from them how a regenerative farm is run.’

‘If we understand the farmers and their problems better, policies that push for sustainable agriculture can take their issues into account’, says Hassan (28, International Development Studies). ‘Many issues in our current food system stem from the way we produce food, what food we want to eat and how we till the soil. Thus, mapping the possibilities of regenerative agriculture is important. We hope that the mini-documentaries we intend to make will launch a dialogue on regenerative agriculture between the EU, the Middle East and Africa.’

Snails see more

‘All good things take time, according to a Dutch proverb’, says Paltanavicius, who is originally from Lithuania. ‘From our bikes, we can observe everything, and we will have ample time to see the landscape change and come into contact with others.’ Hassan: ‘You become like a snail. My bicycle is now mu home, which is fun, but also a little uncertain. But above all, it is a huge adventure. If not now, then when?’

Paltanavicius and Hassan fund their journey through their savings and donations. They record what they need and how the money is spent on their website (Gear & Budget). The site also contains blogs on their route and the trip. You can also follow their Instagram@cycletofarms.

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