In the picture: Government of Surinam wants to collaborate with WUR

Minister of Agriculture Sewdien wants to reduce the use of pesticides with WUR’s help.
President Santokhi in dialogue with WUR president Louise Fresco. Photo Sarah Kirsten Vlekke

The Surinam President Chan Santokhi and Minister of Agriculture, Livestock Farming and Fisheries Prahlad, visited WUR’s research centre for greenhouse horticulture in Bleiswijk on 8 September. The visit was part of a multi-day visit of the Surinam government to the Netherlands. The first visit after a lengthy deadlock.


The new government of Surinam wishes to collaborate with WUR to reduce the use of pesticides in the cultivation of vegetables, increase the rice yield and prepare Surinam for climate change and adaptation. The ministers were shown around the WUR greenhouses and listened to presentations by, among others, Robert van Gorcom, director of Wageningen Food Safety Research. He wants to support Surinam in establishing a laboratory for research on residues.

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