How to be sociable safely during the pandemic

How can students continue to meet one another and still keep to the coronavirus rules?

Inbreeding in cattle breeding still deserves attention

More kinship in select group of artificial insemination (AI) bulls, but no…

Protein-rich juice from left-overs of the beer industry

New process of Food and Biobased Research changes brewers’ spent grain into…

Why organic pest control is (not) effective in Bangladesh

Alternatives to pesticides must be designed in consultation with farmers, says PhD…

WUR influential in research on sustainable development goals

The Netherlands has a significant scientific impact on the sustainable development goals.
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Campus residents: Surfix

There are about 100 companies located on the campus. In Resource we’ll…

Veterinary institute performs 100,000th corona test

Wageningen Bioveterinary Research works long hours, seven days a week.

WUR as ‘supplier of evidence’ in livestock farming discussion

The new director of the Animal Sciences Group calls for a broader-based…

Gert Kema can finally breed resistant banana

WUR, Keygene and the Gates Foundation are to breed bananas that are…

‘Declaring travel costs needlessly complicated’

New WUR-employees are required to claim travel expenses for their commute per…