Student candidate Joël Kampen, CSF

The Student Council elections are just around the corner (7 to 10 June). The candidates, part three.
Joël Kampen (21). Photo CSF

Next week, students can choose who will represent them in the Student Council during the next academic year. Three parties compete for twelve seats on the council. VeSte (with top candidate Sterre Hoek van Dijke, currently holding 7 seats), S&I (top candidate Stefanus Mega Prabawa, with 4 seats) and CSF (leading candidate Joël Kampen, currently holding 1 seat). Resource interviews the candidates about their plans. Today, part 3: Christian Student Faction (CSF): Joël Kampen (21), bachelor’s student Soil Water Atmosphere.

‘Many people have views on what should happen at the university. Students see points of improvement. I think the Student Council’s role is to actively listen to criticism, select points to highlight, and formulate policies to ameliorate these issues. I would like to fulfil this role on behalf of CFS. In doing so, I will focus on biblical values such as equality and responsibility.’

‘In the council, I aim to contribute to various issues, for example, how students who currently lack certain hands-on skills as a result of practicals being cancelled, can catch up. How can these learning goals still be achieved? That is something I would like to find out. But also issues such as road safety. Just a while ago, I was cycling near the intersection at De Bongerd when a girl was hit by a car. This situation must be changed. I am also a member of a CFS workgroup concerned with road safety on the campus.’

Quiet spaces

‘I feel the council would benefit from having someone to represent the religious students. We do not only support the Christian faith but all religions. For example, we call for quiet spaces on campus for students wishing to pray or meditate.’

On 02 June 2021, every student that is entitled to vote will receive an email from WebElect or the university with a link to their electronic ballot. By means of this electronic ballot, the student can select one of the candidates and vote. Read more about the student council

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