Student leading candidate Stefanus Mega Prabawa, S&I

The Student Council Elections are coming up (June 7-10). The leading candidates, part two.
Stefanus Mega Prabawa (26). Photo S&I

Next week, students can choose who will represent them in the Student Council during the next academic year. Three parties compete for twelve seats on the council. VeSte (with top candidate Sterre Hoek van Dijke, currently holding 7 seats), S&I (top candidate Stefanus Mega Prabawa, with 4 seats) and CSF (leading candidate Joël Kampen, currently holding 1 seat). Resource interviews the candidates about their plans. Today, part 2: Sustainability & Internationalization (S&I): Stefanus Mega Prabawa (26), Master’s student Food Technology.

‘I have always dreamed of becoming a scientist and politician simultaneously and I believe that being one of the student council representatives would set me miles ahead to reaching my goal. The student council is the bridge between the university’s management and its students. When I was in high school, I also volunteered in the student council for two years. It is one of my most fulfilling and challenging experiences.’

‘Since the COVID-19 global pandemic, education activities are totally changing; not only for teachers and students but for the entire university management, with new rules and measures. In the coming year, online activities for students may still be an issue to deal with. If I am chosen to become one of the student council members, one of the things I want to work on with the WUR management, is to analyse, discuss and improve the online system.’

International perspective

‘WUR is well known as an international university. There are students from 108 different nationalities in Wageningen. I want to represent the perspective of international students in the council. Also, I want to use the tools that the Student Council has to help shape WUR-policy: the right of approval, the advisory right, the right of initiative, and the right of information.’

On 02 June 2021, every student that is entitled to vote will receive an email from WebElect or the university with a link to their electronic ballot. By means of this electronic ballot, the student can select one of the candidates and vote. Read more about the student council

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