Globus Festival moved from June to September

Luckily, cancellation is out of the question and the sustainable festival will definitely take place this fall.
Screenshot from the Globus festival trailer. © Globus Festival

The first edition of the Globus festival was scheduled to take place on campus on 13 June. But, due to the corona crisis, all events on campus are prohibited for the time being. However, cancellation is out of the question. ‘We aim for a Saturday in September.’

The Globus festival is an initiative of Wageningen students and strives to be a festival that is as sustainable as possible. The proceeds will go towards the acquisition and conservation of 15 hectares of forest in Costa Rica.

Bachelor student Environmental Sciences Marijn van der Meer is one of the initiators of Globus. ‘Elike Wijnheimer, the location manager of the campus, recently sent us a Whatsapp message. She stated that the current measures that apply until 1 June will likely remain in effect till 1 August. So, we started thinking, and last week we decided to see if the festival could be rescheduled for September or October.’

Before fall

The performers had already been booked, Van der Meer says. ‘But I am busy mailing bookers and managers to check for availability in September and October. The definite date depends on the artists’ commitments and availability. We hope to be able to set it up for Saturday 12 or 19 September. Five September may be a little too early, and this is also the first weekend of the new academic year. We would also prefer to have the festival before the fall.’

Cancelling the festival altogether was never an option, Van der Meer stresses. ‘The Apple pop festival has also been cancelled for September, and the 5 May festivities will not take place. Of course, we need to keep considering how long the crisis will persist. But we also need something to look forward to in Wageningen.’

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