Student associations hold second well-being week

The programme ranges from a symposium on mental health to a salsa workshop.
Salsa dancing to fight winter blues. Photo Shutterstock

The Wageningen Well-being Week is organised by Ceres, Franciscus, Unitas, SSR-W, Nji-Sri and Argo in collaboration with the Chamber of Associations in Wageningen (WKvV). Each day between 19 and 23 February, a different association will open its doors to all students in Wageningen, says WKvV’s Madelon van Vuure.

‘During the first edition last year, some two hundred people attended the What’s your limit lecture on substance use among students’, Van Vuure says. She compares the week with the Surf Your Stress week, which the university organises every year in the fall. ‘The threshold for students to join is lower now because the activities are organised by the student associations. We plan to organise the Well-being Week annually in period four.’

The week is themed ‘Student 2024’. ‘We purposely chose a broad theme’, Van Vuure says. And this choice is reflected in the programme. Ceres, for example, organises a symposium on mental health in the Grote Kerk. Students can dance away their winter blues during a salsa workshop at Franciscus, while Argo offers a self-defence course and a lecture on combining sports and a study programme. Gelijkspel offers a workshop on sexual safety and setting boundaries, drag artists perform at SSR-W, and there is a lunch session on intersectionality.


Ceres-assessor Lutein van der Burg organises the mental health symposium. ‘There are sessions on performance pressure and stress and on how to work on your mental health. Moreover, we discuss what tools the university offers for your mental health. The audience will learn how to improve their mental health and how to help others who are not doing so well. The goal is to bring mental well-being out into the open and to show that feeling off is perfectly okay. We also seek to offer tools: who can you reach out to, and what can you do?

See the full programme of the Wageningen Well-being Week here.

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