Second edition of Summervibes festival under development 

Organisers want a second stage, directors behind the bar and… better weather.
Summervibes festival Dancing with your poncho during Summervibes. Photo Sven Menschel

The first and exceptionally wet edition of Summervibes took place last summer. The festival was a last-minute initiative to wrap up the university’s lustrum celebration. Some one thousand guests had a drink, soared on the swing ride and danced to Kenny B in the rain. The second edition is to be larger and offer a broader programme. ‘And with better weather, if possible.’

Omnia manager Chris van Kreij, AID-project leader Sjef Moling and former AID board member Job Esink (student of Food Technology) review the first edition of Summervibes seated at a table in Omnia and look ahead at the second edition planned for Thursday, 20 June 2024.  

The idea for the Summervibes festival popped up when the Globus festival, organised by students, was cancelled. Moling: ‘That was a great event for students, staff and other campus inhabitants. When that was cancelled, we felt we should organise something.’ Van Kreij: ‘Quite a bit is involved in organising a festival, particularly in terms of safety and permits and such. To ensure continuity, having a few WUR employees as part of the organising committee is important. Sjef and I have experience in organising events, and that also serves well in passing on information. We will take care of the organisation together with students.’

Esink is one of the students. ‘Sjef asked me last year because I sat on the AID board and enjoy organising things. I am already working on obtaining materials such as stages, light and sound, bars and crowd control barriers. I did the same last year, but that was all last minute. This year, we can start early, which is nice.’

Directors behind the bar

Although much must still be done, the organisers can share some of the plans. They want a second stage and intend to offer a more varied programme, Moling says. ‘We had DJs and musicians last year, but we are now considering adding street theatre, stand-up acts or dance.’ Van Kreij: ‘And, because getting sufficient people to operate the bars was rather a challenge last time, we dropped a hint with the directors. I, for one, think it would be great if you could ask your director for five pints. Several directors have already agreed.’

Like last time, the festival is free. Part of the revenues from food and beverages will go towards a -yet to be determined- charity. ‘Last year the money was put towards conserving the rainforest in Costa Rica. It is fitting for our university to organise something that not just benefits us but also contributes to a better world.’

The organisers hope the WUR teams will seize the opportunity to have their summer drinks during the festival. ‘We selected a date that is convenient for both students and employees’, Van Kreij states. ‘We are looking forward to it.’

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