RummiCup for new acquaintances in Wageningen

A board game competition that is more about playing than winning.
Rummi RummiCup photographer and WUR student Belle Holthuis has taken to inviting people for a match absolutely everywhere, including in the supermarket. Photo Belle Holthuis

Competitors will play for the RummiCup on Saturday, 25 November, in the Grote Kerkl in Wageningen. Although a winner will be announced, the Cup is more about the social aspects of the game than about who masters it best. ‘The RummiCup aims to connect.’

The idea behind the RummiCup is to foster new connections between Wageningen citizens of all walks of life, from old to young, campus to COA, researcher to entrepreneur. United Wageningen is one of the driving forces behind the event. United Wageningen is a collaboration between Wageningen student associations. The Cup is also a great way for students to meet people from outside of their study bubble.

The RummiCup is in keeping with the ambition to foster a closer link between the city and the campus, says initiator Jantien Klein Ikink. Still, she does not want to place too much focus there. ‘That would give it a bit of a problematic flavour as if the RummiCup is intended to solve something, while it is intended as a fun, low-threshold event to easily meet new people by playing a game and having a chat.’ She adds that the informal atmosphere will be further supported by a silent disco, live music and snacks and drinks.

Drop in

With a little effort, the Grote Kerk can host some two hundred players. Klein Ikink says over one hundred people have already registered. Those who want to be sure of their spot can register online. But drop-ins are also welcome. And for those who don’t like games, playing is not compulsory.

The RummiCup event will be held in Dutch, but WUR students and employees whose native tongue differs are more than welcome to join. ‘The rules of the games are available in English, and there are plenty of volunteers willing to translate’, says Klein Ikink.

Those wishing to refresh their knowledge of the rules can visit the Gelderlander site, where student Jesse van der Sluijs explains the game in a video. The church opens at 13.00 hrs, and the games are on from 14.00-20.00 hrs.

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