‘Think up a test with AI’

Students are being invited to think how artificial intelligence can be used in education.
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Using AI to do a test assignment is officially forbidden. The rule at WUR is: it is not allowed unless explicit permission has been given. But how could you have a sensible test assignment that allows the use of artificial intelligence? The student who comes up with the best answer will be rewarded with a 50 euro voucher.

That in short is the idea behind the AI-Enhanced Education Challenge for students. ‘We are asking students to think about the education they get,’ says test expert Jolanda Soeting of the AI & Education Special Interest group. ‘Can they come up with an efficient and effective way of using AI in assignments that lets you achieve the learning objectives? Preferably so that you learn more with AI than without.’

Unleash your creativity

‘AI is here to stay. The challenge for teachers is to implement it effectively in their teaching,’ says Soeting. Students can think of ways to use artificial intelligence in existing assignments but they can also unleash their creativity on a completely new assignment. ‘We’re curious to see what we get.’

The challenge for teachers is to implement it effectively in their teaching.

Jolanda Soeting, test expert at Education & Student Affairs

WUR is working hard on incorporating the rapidly developing possibilities of AI in its education. Soeting: ‘On the Student Support website, students can find information about Generative AI. There is also an intranet page especially for teachers with best practices, among other things. In addition, we publish a newsletter every fortnight and we arrange workshops for teachers and chair groups.’

Banned unless

According to Soeting, opinions vary widely on the use of AI in education. ‘The University of Amsterdam currently has a blanket ban on students or teachers using ChatGPT in education. WUR’s “banned unless” rule applies specifically to tests. The thinking behind our Challenge is that it’s here to stay so how should we make good use of it?’

Students have until the start of January to submit their ideas. The best idea will be rewarded with a 50 euro voucher for bol.com. The Challenge regulations don’t say whether you are allowed to use ChatGPT for your idea.

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