Increase in compensation for student board members

Full-time student board members to receive 470 euros per month, up from 350.
Wybrig Bakker during the student council promotion week. Photo Luuk Zegers

The FOS-provision (financial support students) provides students with financial compensation for the delay they incur if they contribute to a student council, association board or sports association Thymos. Students may also apply for support if they fall back due to circumstances beyond their control.

The Executive Board (EB) proposed a smaller increase, say Wybrig Bakker and Robert van Houten of the student council. ‘The EB wanted to prolong the current sum of 347 euros and add 75 euros for students serving on a board full-time,’ says Van Houten. The idea behind the additional 75 euros for full-time board members is that these students make less use of education facilities than students serving on a board part-time.

Bakker: ‘The student council has lobbied for higher remuneration for years. Although we were happy that the EB was open to increasing the sum, we felt that indexation was a logical first step. That will now be done.’ That means that the monthly sum of 347 euros will be increased by 2.7 per cent as of 1 September 2023. This brings the new FOS sum to 356.37, which will likely be rounded up to 357 euros. ‘In addition, we managed to convince the EB to increase the remuneration for full-time board members to 120 euros’, Bakker says. ‘Students serving in association boards have reported for years that it is hard to make ends meet. Our opening bid was higher, but we are happy with the current increase.’

Students serving in association boards have reported for years that it is hard to make ends meet

Wybrig Bakker, student council

The student council hopes that the higher compensation will help associations find board members. ‘This could increase the enthusiasm,’ according to Bakker. Van Houten adds: ‘Student boards are of inestimable value to student life in the Netherlands and in Wageningen in particular. This decision makes doing a board year attractive.’

Beyond control

There are more developments regarding financial support. Students from outside of the EU who have financial difficulties due to circumstances beyond their control may expect to receive double the current financial support as of 1 September 2023. They will receive 694 euros per month. The provision that ensures that students from outside of the EU who want to serve on a student board can meet the IND study criteria (which is required for a valid visa) will be prolonged. Moreover, students in the Board of Education will receive 40 euros per meeting.

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