WUR student narrowly misses Water Authority position

The preliminary outcome of the Water Authorities elections is available.
Jiska Taal next to a weir in the Binnenveld. Photo Guy Ackermans

WUR student International Land and Water Management Jiska Taal (20) appears to narrowly miss a position on the board of the Water Authorities. She is number four on the list for the Algemene Waterschapspartij (AWP), which seems to have gained two seats according to the preliminary results of the elections. ‘It would seem I’m done for now.’

The preliminary outcome was divulged in the course of Thursday, 16 March. Taal was sitting an exam when the results were published. ‘I saw it after my exam. I’m still a little shaken.’ After seeing the news, Taal sent her fellow party members a message. ‘I am very happy for them. As it stands, we have two seats and one provisional committee member.’ Some changes are still possible. ‘Only 56 per cent of the votes have been counted so far. AT 14.00 hrs on Friday, an update will be published, but the official results will be available on Wednesday, 23 March. So we have to wait a little longer.’


Despite the fact that there is no more than a slim chance Taal will join the board, she looks back upon the elections with satisfaction. ‘It still feels a little unreal that people voted for me. And I am delighted by the high turnout: it is great to see that people care about the Water Authorities.’ She is open to a renewed candidature. ‘This is my domain; I want to stay involved in the Water Authorities. But first, I must study for my exam tomorrow morning.’

Resource recently interviewed Taal about her ambitions.

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