How will PVV and NSC’s victory impact tertiary education and science?

Both parties aim to stop the internationalisation of higher education.

Debate: Omtzigt wants Dutch language back at technical universities as well

Rob Jetten provided some counterweight during the EenVandaag debate.
De setting van het landbouw- en natuurdebat in Omnia

Sjoukje Heimovaara: ‘I’m not hearing enough brave choices’

The agriculture and nature debate in Omnia reveals significant political division.

Wageningen electoral debates coming up

WUR is closely involved in three debates on topics related to Wageningen.

Political evening in Ceres with debate

Two outgoing ministers to join Ceres and WKvV political evening.

Fall of the cabinet: which plans will be put on hold?

What plans will be continued is to be put to a vote…

Bsa overturned? Preferably not, says student council

Education minister Dijkgraaf wants to alter the bsa. The student council is…

WUR student narrowly misses Water Authority position

The preliminary outcome of the Water Authorities elections is available.