Ede-Wageningen scores poorly in train station ranking

Only ten train stations rated even lower.
treinstation Ede-Wageningen View on platform 1. Photo Shutterstock

Prorail and the NS (national railways) conduct an annual survey among travelled to investigate how their customers value the Dutch train stations. Questions include how attractive train stations are, how travellers feel about the waiting and how they rate the service and shops.

Over 85,000 travellers completed the  ‘station experience monitor’. Ede-Wageningen station was rated a meagre 6.3. Not entirely surprising to travellers familiar with the depressing tunnel that leads to platform 3.

The train station with the highest score (8.3) is Klimmen-Ransdaal, in Zuid-Limburg. The historic train station was constructed in 1913 and boasts a terrace on the platform. Want to see for yourself? The train will take you there in just over three hours.  

There is, fortunately, still hope for “our” train station. The station is currently being reconstructed, and in 2024, the dreary station is to be changed into a spacious, light and pleasant spot, according to the animation. Just a little while longer now!

PS: This weekend, the new roof covering the platforms is being constructed, and train traffic to and from Ede-Wageningen is cancelled. Busses are available instead, or you could travel via Rhenen or opt for some old-school hitchhiking.  

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