New Ede-Wageningen station finally completed

The train station is open for use again on Friday, and the bus station has moved to the south side.
Het nieuwe treinstation Ede-Wageningen in aanbouw There was still quite some chaos around the new train station on Thursday morning. Photo Resource

After three years of construction work, the new train station is to be completed on Friday. Travellers can breathe a sigh of relief. All trains will follow their regular schedule again. The bus station has also been renovated and moved to the south side of the station, which has a slight effect on the arrival and departure times.

The train station was moved a little to the east, enabling travellers to continue to use the station throughout most of the construction work. This last week, the final touches were applied: new trash cans, ticket machines and benches.

You can park your bike in the new, guarded bicycle parking facility which has room for 5000 bikes. If you prefer to park your bike for free, you can do so behind the Friso barracks. That is a short walk away from the station, so it is not very convenient. A new, unsecured bike parking is to be constructed on the north side of the station, but it won’t be available for some time yet.

The construction is not completely finished yet, as the old station must still be torn down. Moreover, a new parking garage will be constructed next to the bus station, and the aforementioned bike parking must still be constructed. The entire project is projected to be completed in 2026.

Bus station

Meanwhile, the bus station has been moved to the south side, where the older travellers used to wait for the lone bus number 88 (formerly 303). The schedule of almost all the buses has been altered slightly because the new bus station is a bit closer to Wageningen, so don’t forget to check 9292 before you travel.

Map of the new bus station. Image via Connexxion

The good news is that a faster bus between Ede-Wageningen and Wageningen centre is planned. Bus 103 will travel along the new Parkweg in Ede and from there to the Mansholtlaan from the east side of Ede, skipping the hospital and Stadspoort from July onwards. Hence, the trip will take a few minutes less. Bus 303 will travel over the campus four times an hour as of this summer, and bus 103 will travel via Hoevestein twice an hour.

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