Wageningen: don’t apply for energy allowance yet

Wageningen municipality agrees students should also get an energy allowance but it doesn’t have the staff and funds to implement this yet.
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This message comes from the municipal executive. The municipality is responding to student union LSVb’s call to students to apply for the energy allowance.

The energy allowance of 800 euros (initially) is aimed at helping people on low incomes pay their rising energy bills. Students are currently excluded from the scheme, but Lsvb says a ruling by the law court in Arnhem changes things. The court ruled that it was wrong to deny students the energy allowance.

The students have the support of Wageningen municipality in principle. ‘We also believe that students on low incomes with high energy bills should get an energy allowance,’ says the municipal executive. ‘But we have not been given the money for this by the national government. We also do not have enough staff to handle the applications from students.’


To date, the municipality has received 450 applications for an energy allowance. They include several dozen from students. But many applications still have to be processed. At present, applications by students are not being processed. The LSVb and FNV Young & United unions advise students to submit a formal objection if there application is being denied.

The municipality asks students to wait until more is known about a nationwide scheme for students. That will also allow the municipality to finish dealing with the applications from non-students. Students in distress can contact Startpunt (0317-410160). The special assistance scheme is also an option for individual compensation to help with rising energy bills. Wageningen and other municipalities have now called on the government to come up with an ‘appropriate and feasible’ scheme for students.

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