Ukrainians in WUR building

Twenty-five refugees can stay for three months in the building on the Haarweg that is due for demolition.
Photo Roelof Kleis

The building in question is the former premises of the Human and Animal Physiology chair group. The building has already housed students for several years, but is going to have to make way for the Kortenoord housing development. The students’ planned relocation to Idealis student rooms will be brought forward.

The refugees will move into the building in two weeks’ time. They are currently staying in emergency accommodation at the WICC hotel in the town centre. This emergency accommodation is available to them until Wednesday, May 11. Besides the WUR location, the housing association has also made two buildings on the Mondriaanlaan available. Until recently, these buildings housed 42 healthcare clients.

Host families

A number of refugees are going to be placed with host families. More than 100 host families in Wageningen have recently signed up to offer accommodation. Between the WUR buildings, the Housing Association and the host families, there is now enough accommodation for the 125 refugees who are currently staying at the WICC. That means they can stay in Wageningen.

The host families and refugees will be supported by Welkom in Wageningen and people from the Wageningen Volunteer Centre. A site manager will be appointed in the WUR and Housing Association buildings to act as a contact person for refugees and local residents. The building on the Haarweg is directly opposite the student flats.

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