GroenLinks and PvdA win in Wageningen

GroenLinks and PvdA made the biggest gains in the municipal elections in Wageningen. Both coalition parties won two seats.
Foto Roelof Kleis

This brings GroenLinks to eight seats. The party attracted just over a quarter of all votes, and therefore now occupies almost one third of the 25 council seats.

In the wake of GroenLinks, the PvdA might be said to have done even better, capitalizing on its participation in the city’s executive board by doubling its number of seats to four. This gain seems to have been at the expense of the third current coalition partner, D66. That party lost two of its seats and now has three seats.

The ChristenUnie, the fourth coalition partner, remained stuck at one seat. Other parties that retained their current number of seats were the VVD (two), Connect Wageningen student party (two) and the CDA (one). The SP, which previously had one seat, did not participate in the elections. The turnout of 60.1 per cent was slightly lower than four years ago (when it was 63.3 per cent).


Despite the stagnation in seat numbers, Connect attracted considerably more votes than four years ago: 1921 now as opposed to 1300 then. But this is not quite enough to gain the party an extra seat. Most of these votes (335) were cast at the polling station on the campus, where the party was the largest after GroenLinks (649 votes).

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