Maximum group size lifted (and more)

Room occupancy may exceed 75 persons.
Crowded lecture room. Photo Marte Hofsteenge

If the room can hold their numbers, all students are welcome back in their classes. The maximum occupancy was lifted last Friday, 18 February.

Additional measures that were eased include:

  • The minimum number of days of self-isolation after a positive covid test has been reduced from seven to five days. If no symptoms have appeared for 24 hours after these five days, the student may return to the campus.
  • Medical-grade facemasks are still mandatory when moving through buildings and in locations where social distancing is not possible.
  • The mandatory facemasks are no longer required from 25 February. Instead, facemasks are recommended (rather than required) in situations where the one-and-a-half-metre distancing is not possible.
  • As of 25 February, a covid pass is no longer required at Sports Centre De Bongerd, and student associations will be given more options to organise activities.
  • The relaxation of measures also means more study places will become available, and there will be more places in the campus restaurants.

A safe place for all

These relaxations were announced in two letters (one for students and one for teachers) written by the dean of education, Arnold Bregt and rector magnificus Artur Mol. In the letters, they call on everyone to be mindful of others and to show understanding of, for example, teachers feel safer if their students wear a facemask or if students prefer to maintain a distance. ‘Please respect their wishes and ensure the campus remains a safe place for all.’

Can I come to the campus?

Students and teachers are requested to continue to take a self-test twice weekly and to follow the ‘Can I come to the campus’-rules. Basic measures such as washing hands, distancing where possible and refraining from shaking hands remain in place.

For a full overview of the covid measures, please see the corona guidelines and updates on

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