Strategic housing plan accepted

Sciences groups can start implementing the plan.
Bureaus met een Do Not Use Desk-sticker erop Photo Guy Ackermans

The WUR Council has approved the Executive Board’s Strategic Housing Plan. This means that the sciences groups will make plans in the coming year as to how staff will share workstations and combine working from home with working on campus.

A few weeks ago, the WUR Council approved the plan after the Executive Board’s promises. The board promised that there will always be a workstation for staff on campus and that employees will not therefore be forced to work from home. The board also promised that the decentralised works councils will have the right to advice on plans by the sciences groups. Moreover, a committee will monitor the implementation of the plan by asking the staff for their opinion twice a year.


‘The WUR Council believes that the plan is built on a solid foundation,’ says Jelle Behagel, Chair of the WUR Council. ‘We agree with the board that rather than investing in new buildings we should improve the occupancy of the available workstations. However, we are imposing conditions so that staff members are involved in the implementation and have a say in how their workstation is set up and organised. The WUR Council has taken its time before approving the plan, but we hope that everybody will work hard to ensure its prompt implementation.’

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