WUR seeks new president

The profile for Louise O. Fresco’s successor is ready.
Photo Jeroen Hofman

WUR’s supervisory board seeks a successor for Louise Fresco, who is expected to step down in July 2022 after two terms served as president of WUR.

The supervisory board has requested advice from, among others, the WUR Council, to draw up a profile for the new chair of the executive board. That profile is now ready.

Fresco’s successor is ideally also a woman. She must have a research background in the domain of food, nature and environment and is the diplomatic representative of WUR for the ministries in The Hague, the EU in Brussels and other international forums. She also fosters an open management culture, says the WUR Council. An aspect worth noting: she need not be Dutch. The recruitment agency seeking viable candidates will also look beyond the borders of the Netherlands.


Moreover, the new chair is to complement the other members of the board, rector Arthur Mol and board member Rens Buchwaldt. Mol was reappointed three years ago for a second term, Buchwaldt was reappointed this year. University board presidents serve a maximum of two terms.

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