Student in wartime

Wageningen students 76 years ago: read the story of Etienne Puylaert.
Student in war time A group of students, most of them from Wageningen, pose in May 1943 in a labour camp of an aircraft engine factory in Germany. Etienne Puylaert is standing in the middle of the back row. Photo: Puylaert family.

May 1943: A student of Agriculture at the Agricultural College in Wageningen, Etienne Puylaert, refuses to swear loyalty to the German occupier and ends up in a labour camp. His son will talk about his father’s life on 11 May during an evening about Wageningen students in wartime run by Studium Generale.

Resource editor Roelof Kleis wrote an article in 2018 about Puylaert’s son and grandson’s quest for information about their father and grandfather’s experience. You can read the story here.

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