Podium Between Art & Science: Reframing the Climate

Three nights of Studium Generale of how climate is framed.
Image Studium Generale

Not much culture in Wageningen? In this feature we prove otherwise. This time, read about how Studium Generale, the general studies programme, links science with art in three workshops looking at how we frame the climate.

Tuesday 21, 28 May and 4 June
19:00 to 22:30 hrs

Students do not automatically encounter the arts through their core curriculum. But exciting things happen precisely at the cutting edge between the arts and the sciences, says Dennis Hamer, programme designer at Studium Generale. So Studium Generale is running three interactive events entitled Between Art & Science – Reframing the Climate. The first two events will consist of workshops with all sorts of artists and researchers. Hamer: ‘Every participant will be given a cardboard passepartout. That is your frame, which you fill in during the workshops. You ask yourself, what are my explicit and implicit thinking frames? Becoming aware of these and taking a critical look at them can be liberating.

The workshops will help you do that.’ Participants can choose between 15 different workshops, such as one by PhD candidate and spoken-word artist Jackie Ashkin: ‘Science can be very inaccessible. Knowledge is often hidden in papers that don’t reach a broad audience. I look for alternative ways of disseminating knowledge. In my workshop, we will create accessible texts based on scientific summaries.’ During the third event, all the participants’ frames will be combined in one joint artwork.

As well as performances, this evening will be about reflection. How are all these frames related and what exactly happens between the arts and the sciences? Speakers will include a few prominent scientists such as Tim van Hattum, WUR’s Climate programme leader.

The workshops are on Tuesday 21 and 28 May and 4 June, from 19:00 to 22:30 in Impulse. Entry free; please register for the workshops through inf-@sg@wur.nl. To find out more, see the full workshop programme at www.wur.nl/studiumgenerale

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