New corona support for PhDs uncertain

Does the EB have a budget available, or are chair groups to cushion the delay?
Photo: Albert Sikkema

The PhD Council wants the WUR executive board to support PhD students who have incurred delays due to the corona measures in 2021. But, the EB feels that the chair groups are primarily responsible for preventing and compensating for delays.

Last year, 148 PhD candidates and 17 postdocs were provided with compensation by WUR for the delays they incurred as a result of the corona crisis. On average, the PhD candidates were given 2 months added to their contract. PhDs on a grant were also supported. This compensation affected PhDs and postdocs whose contract was set to expire in 2020 and 2021.

The question is whether PhDs whose contract expires in 2022 will also be provided with compensation this coming year.

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