Chat with colleagues during a telewalk

A corona-proof alternative to coffee-break small talk.
Marie Wesselink, selfie.

The staff association of the WUR business unit Field Crops came up with a corona-proof alternative to small talk with colleagues during coffee breaks. They match colleagues, who then talk on the phone during a walk.

One of the initiators, Marie Wesselink, says it’s a success. She joined twice. Once with a colleague from Field Crops she normally doesn’t talk with much, and once with a retired WUR-employee who worked in her team for forty years. ‘It’s energising’, says Wesselink.


‘We thought: this is fun, more WUR departments should do the same. It’s really easy. You make a form and ask your staff members if they want to join. Then you match them.’ Wesselink works in Lelystad and lives in Wageningen, but before the corona crisis, she would often visit the Field Crops testing farms in Drenthe and Northern Limburg. Now, she walks in Wageningen with colleagues who walk elsewhere. Want to learn more? Email Marie.

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