WUR scores with citation champions

The annual list with the most frequently cited scientists features more WUR researchers than ever: 24.
Illustration: Clarivate

That is two up from last year. This score almost elevates WUR to a spot within the global top 50. Of all the Dutch universities, only Utrecht surpasses Wageningen in the list, with 27 citation-champions. The increase in WUR women on the list is remarkable. Soil expert Saskia Keesstra was the pioneer last year, she is now joined by soil ecologist Liesje Mommer and microbiologist Clara Belzer.


Professor Liesje Mommer is pleasantly surprised. ‘I didn’t know’. She is pleased with the acknowledgement. ‘It shows that the work I do is resounding in the field. Apparently, I am taking strides in the domain. That is my strategy. I have carefully considered where there are gaps in the knowledge of roots and the interaction with fungi, and how this affects biodiversity. Where breakthroughs are needed. That is what I wanted to work on.’

Liesje Mommer. Photo: Guy Ackermans

The Highly Cited ranking takes into account all publications over the past eleven years that pertained to the one per cent most cited articles in the relevant domain in that year. In addition, the total number of citations of these publications in the aforementioned period are included. Mommers features in the top with nine publications, seventeen per cent of her total production. The entire Highly Cited encompasses 6389 scientists, from 22 fields of expertise.

The Wageningen list includes many renowned names, among which Wim de Vos, Marcel Dicke, Marten Scheffer and Ken Giller. But, there are also quite some switches. Known citation-favourites such as plant breeding expert Richard Visser didn’t make it to the list. Bart Thomma is still highly cited, but no longer works at WUR. The drop-outs also include agricultural economist Hans van Meijl and molecular biologist Wouter Kohlen.

New names

systems analysts), plant geneticist Gerco Angenent, bio-informatician Marnix Medema, soil expert Oene Oenema and plant ecologist David Kleijn. With 181 scientists (2.9 per cent) the Netherlands ranks seven in the list of countries. The United States leads the list with 2650 (41.5 per cent), followed by China with 770 (12.1 per cent) and England with 514 (8.0 per cent).

Highly Cited WUR 2020

  • Rob Alkemade
  • Gerco Angenent
  • Clara Belzer
  • Marcel Dicke
  • Vincenzo Fogliano
  • Ken Giller
  • Jan-Willem van Groenigen
  • Rudolf de Groot
  • Martin Herold
  • Gerard Heuvelink
  • Saskia Keesstra
  • Michiel Kleerebezem
  • David Kleijn
  • Bart Koelmans
  • Marnix Medema
  • Liesje Mommer
  • Oene Oenema
  • John van der Oost
  • Lourens Poorter
  • Wim van der Putten
  • Michiel Schaeffer
  • Marten Scheffer
  • Andrzej Tabeau
  • Willem de Vos

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