WUR takes a step back in citation ranking

Considerable shift; number of women increases to one-quarter.

WUR has dropped slightly on the Highly Cited, the citation ranking for scientists, this year. While 26 WUR scientists were featured on the list just a year ago, now, only 22 remain. There is a remarkable number of changes on the list. No less than 11 top-cited scientists featured on last year’s list have now disappeared from the ranking.

Among them are citation favourites such as microbiologist Willem de Vos (who has retired), environmental systems analyst Rudolf de Groot and the successful biochemist Dolf Weijers. The first female WUR scientist on the list in 2019, Saskia Keesstra, has dropped off the list. Het spot is now taken by newcomer soil physicist Esperanza Huerta Lwanga.

One-quarter women

In addition to Huerta Lwanga, Harro Bouwmeester, Gerard Heuvelink, Laurens Klerkx, David Kleijn, Dik Mevius, and Hans van Meijl are new to the list. There are five women among WUR’s most cited scientists, the same number as last year. In percentages, their share increased from one-fifth to one-quarter. It must be noted, however, that aquatic ecologist Ellen Besseling and plant physiologist Harro Bouwmeester are no longer employed by WUR and that animal expert Dik Mevius has retired.

One per cent

The Highly Cited contains the names of scientists who are among the one per cent most cited in their domain over the past year. The ranking includes the total number of publications cited, as well as the total citation score of all published articles. The global list for this year contains the names of 6938 scientists from 69 different countries.

The majority (38 per cent) work at American universities. China ranks second at 16 per cent, followed by England (8 per cent). The Netherlands ranks 7th with 2.9 per cent (210 scientists), one step lower than last year.

WUR’s Highly Cited:

Gerco Angenent, plant scientist

Clara Belzer, microbiologist

Ellen Besseling, aquatic ecologist

Harro Bouwmeester, plant physiologist

Violette Geissen, soil physiologist

Ken Giller, plant scientist

Jan Willem van Groenigen, soil biologist

Gerard Heuvelink, soil scientist

Esperanza Huerta Lwanga, soil physicist

Martin van Ittersum, plant scientist

Michiel Kleerebezem, microbiologist

David Kleijn, plant ecologist

Laurens Klerkx, innovation scientist

Bart Koelmans, environmental chemist

Marnix Medema, bio-informaticain

Dik Mevius, animal scientist

Hans van Meijl, economist

Liesje Mommer, plant ecologist

John van der Oost, microbiologist

Oene Oenema, soil scientist

Wim van der Putten, nematologist

Marten Scheffer, aquatic ecologist

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