Brazilian juice company Citrosuco teams up with Startlife

The company wants to collaborate with European start-ups who develop sustainable technology.
Oranges at a canning factory. Photo: Shutterstock

For those who have never heard of Citrosuco: This Brazilian company supplies two out of every ten cartons of orange juice in the world

Citrosuco has become a ‘strategic partner’ of Startlife, that supports budding businesses in the Wageningen domain. The Brazilian nutrition company hopes the agreement will provide them with better access to European start-ups that can help Citrosuco become more sustainable. The company will provide support and funding for Startlife start-ups.

Waste streams

Citrosuco aims to reduce its waste streams, water and energy use, and improve the health value of their fruit juices with the help of new expertise and technology. The company hopes to speed up these innovations through the start-ups in the Wageningen network, because ‘start-ups have creative ideas and are often pioneers in cutting-edge technology’.  Citrosuco, in return, wants to make its operational expertise and testing facilities available to facilitate rapid break-throughs. Citrusuco aims to have a 100 per cent sustainable production chain by 2030.

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