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In this section people from WUR answer questions from colleagues and students.

‘Teachers also like to drink a beer (or two) in the pub. But Wageningen is small and you soon bump into curious students. What should you do? Go to the pub in the next town along, or just take no notice?’

Mark, WUR teacher (full name known to the editor)

Drown your worries

‘The sage advice from me and my fellow students is that if it becomes a problem for you, have another beer.’
Marieke Dijkstra, Communication, Health & Life Sciences Master’s student


‘If I was a teacher, I’d take no notice at all! Like students, teachers have a need for social contact and the occasional evening off. If I came across a teacher in a pub, I’d just find it cool. Who knows, perhaps I’d have a drink with them and it would turn into a memorable evening.’
Luwe Groot, Communication & Life Sciences student

In moderation

‘I don’t live in Wageningen so I usually down my pints elsewhere. But whenever I do hang out in Wageningen, I actually enjoy bumping into students. It does depend on the number of pints you’re drinking, though. I don’t think it’s acceptable for a teacher to be lurching around drunk in Wageningen pubs on a Thursday evening and then stand up there in the classroom lecturing students on the Friday.’
Roel Dijksma, Hydrology lecturer

Have fun!

In my opinion, Wageningen is unique because of the way students and locals mix. So drinking a beer here in Wageningen must be possible for both teachers and students without anyone feeling guilty or uncomfortable.’
Annika Suichies, Nutrition & Health Master’s student

Not weird

‘I would just do it in Wageningen. Students know teachers have private lives too, so I wouldn’t find it weird at all if I came across a teacher. If you still find it difficult to relax, you can always go to another town next time. And I would definitely recommend another town if you’re planning to drink loads.’
Guus Timmermans, Food Technology Master’s student 

Honest feedback

‘I rarely go to the pub these days but if you go out at all in Wageningen, you’ll regularly bump into students. I like to have a chat then as there’s not enough time for that when you’re teaching. You also often get more honest and clear feedback about the teaching after a couple of drinks than you do in the lecture room.’
Tijs Ketelaar, assistant professor of Cell Biology

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