[no]WURries: Summer fun

'Is there something to do in summer in Wageningen?'


‘This is only my first year in Wageningen, but in the summer I would definitely make the most of the nice weather. On a hot summer day, go to the floodplains – known as the ‘uiterwaarden’. Put on some music, drink a cold beer, cool off in the river and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. You can enjoy the local countryside too. Go walking or cycling in the nature areas around Wageningen. Not a nature lover? From Wageningen you can be in Utrecht or Arnhem within an hour. Play the tourist in those cities for a day. There is enough to do there, even when the weather’s not so good.’

Job van Wanroij, BSc student of Plant Sciences

Treasure hunt

‘It is true that Wageningen is a bit deserted in the summer. Yet there is plenty to do. Try to find all the town’s ‘hidden gems’ this summer. Visit the arboretum on the Wageningen ‘mountain’ and drop in at the free sculpture museum next door. Or make it your mission to find the best coffee in Wageningen. Or if you’re not a coffee drinker, look for the best tea, sandwich or salad in town. This way you might discover new places in Wageningen where you can take your friends and colleagues after the summer.’

Marloes, a student of Nutrition and Health

Come and help

‘There is absolutely nothing to do in Wageningen in the summer. Unless you want to help out with our crop protection field trials ;)’

Jean-Marie, researcher at the Plant Sciences Group

WUR summer programme

‘We are organizing all kinds of activities especially for students like you who will be staying in Wageningen this summer. We offer a fun and interactive programme, set up by and for students. You will meet new people and get to know Wageningen better. We are still working on the programme but there will be activities like barbecues, sports events, beach visits and movie nights. To get an impression, I recommend you visit the website of the previous edition: wur.eu/Summer21.’

Lisa Nguyen, Diversity and Inclusion (for students) project leader

Nature reserves

‘I don’t have any tips for activities in Wageningen, but I do have tips for activities in the Netherlands. We have beautiful areas and parks here that you could visit this summer. Take the Biesbosch, South Limburg and the Wadden Islands, for example. And just down the road from Wageningen is the Veluwe, of course. So there are enough options! These areas are easy to reach by car or public transport. Rent a bicycle or explore the areas on foot. That will definitely keep you busy for a while.’

Robert van de Ven, PhD candidate in Agricultural Business Technology

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