Meet our new blogger: Luuk Slegers

Resource has a new blogger. Luuk Slegers will reflect on political and philosophical issues.
Foto: Guy Ackermans

Slegers is currently doing his masters in International Development, with the Sociology department. ‘I chose this curriculum because I want to contribute to society through humanitarian relief.’ During his studies, he has let go of the concept of development aid. ‘The whole concept of development is odd, as is modernisation. We are exporting a political agenda. The problems aren’t purely economic, but political. Those problems are rooted here, in the “West”.’

I hope we can adopt a more radical thinking at WUR

Slegers found he was more interested in why precisely we think like this. ‘That’s why I want to follow up with a masters’ in philosophy. Politics and philosophy are inextricably intertwined. I want to delve into where our assumptions originate, to offer substantiated feedback. I realise I am more contemplative than practical, and that would make philosophy a perfect fit.’

Slegers feels that the WUR-community generally approaches issues from a scientific perspective, based on calculations rather than convictions. He hopes his blogs will provide an alternative, more humane, perspectives. ‘I hope we can adopt a more radical thinking at WUR, with more room for different perspectives.’

In his first blog, he writes about human intervention in nature. From a scientific ecological perspective, not done, but, a difficult dilemma from a human standpoint. ‘I don’t have the answers. I don’t know what is “right”. I strive to stimulate people to think about these issues. And, I want to push against the pillars of our thinking, because that is what is needed.’

Luuk Slegers is masters student International development and lives on Droevendaal in Wageningen with his five housemates. He likes to start the day with a walk in Bennekom forest. 

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