New blogger: Steven

New year, new blogger!

Steven Snijders is 23, is doing a masters in Management, Economics and Consumer Studies – ‘Economics and Governance’, and was a board member for the Student Alliance Wageningen. He previously completed a bachelor in International Development Studies.

Steven is an experienced writer. He published a book when he was just thirteen years old. ‘I discovered I enjoy writing at a young age. I worked for the school paper and later for my study association Ipso Facto’s newsletter.’


‘I have been around in Wageningen for a while now, and there are plenty of topics related to the university and city that serve as an inspiration. My year on the board of the student union will likely also influence my choice of topics. But the topic need not always be a significant societal issue. Sometimes I enjoy writing about personal issues.’

When he is not writing, you may find Steven running or walking through the countryside surrounding Wageningen. He also enjoys releasing the frustrations of the day on the squash courts. ‘Anyone who wants to invite me to a game of squash is welcome, as are those wanting to discuss blog topics. I enjoy a physical and intellectual challenge.’

Read his first blog here.

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