Campus residents: Remode Solutions in Plus Ultra II

There are about 100 companies located on the campus. In Resource we’ll be introducing you to one of them in every issue. This time: Remode Solutions in Plus Ultra II.
Plus Ultra II Skyebridge Photo: Kadans Science Partner

Remode Solutions prints bioreactors using 3D printer technology. The company concentrates on small bioreactors (up to 10 litres) for pharmaceutical and environmental technology research laboratories. The founder is Carlos Serrano. Serrano: ‘Many researchers use small bioreactors for their biotechnological research. Existing bioreactors are made mainly out of glass or steel, they are standardized, and it takes a lot of time and effort to adapt them to the specifications of the research. Our bioreactors are made of reusable material, they can be printed quickly, they are made to measure, and they are not expensive.’

Do you already have products on the market?

‘We are in the startup phase of our company and we are still busy experimenting with different materials and performance requirements. Our first product was a 300 ml bioreactor for researchers at the Netherlands Institute of Ecology NIOO-KNAW. It is now used in their wastewater experiments.’

‘I’ve been working fulltime on optimizing the prototypes since May 2018

What is your link with WUR?

‘I come from Spain, I did my BSc in Biochemistry in Seville and then I did my Master’s in Biotechnology in Wageningen. I have often worked with bioreactors and I thought about the possibility of customizing them. During the New Venture Creation course at WUR, I and a team of students worked out my ideas in a business plan. Since May 2018 I’ve been working fulltime on optimizing the prototypes. We are based on the campus, now still in Atlas and before long in PlusUltra II. We have had a great deal of support from StartLife and StartHub. Our first customers were the labs on Wageningen campus.’

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  1. 1. “There are about 100 companies located on the There are about 100 companies located on the campus.”
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