Large increase in members for student associations

Enrolments for student associations in the Netherlands have increased by fifty per cent.

Handing out flyers and large parties were forbidden. Students associations were fearful they might have difficulties attracting new members now that the introduction period was cut short or even cancelled entirely. But first-year students found their way to student associations autonomously, data from the National Chamber of Associations (Dutch acronym: LKvV) shows.


The 48 student associations represented by the LKvV, recorded ten thousand new members last year. So far, the number of registrations has already reached fifteen thousand this year. Particularly in Eindhoven (a 79 per cent increase), Utrecht and Groningen (66 per cent increase) show a large influx of new members. In Amsterdam and Utrecht, the numbers are not yet up to date.

In real life

LKvV president, Yorick van der Heiden, says that the associations will organise a variety of online activities, ‘but meeting in real life is still the best way to get to know new people.’

Catering regulations

All the associations re-opened on 1 June, according to the catering regulations, with a one-and-a-half metre space between seats. Van der Heiden: ‘This greatly reduces the capacity compared to a dance-party where you have people standing shoulder to shoulder. Members cannot visit the association as often, but can still meet in real life.’  

bron: LKvV

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