Many registrations for students associations

SSR-W doubles numbers; KSV Franciscus remains most popular.
AID-participants on the curb at SSR-W. Photo: Anna den Hartog

Despite, or perhaps thanks to, the corona crisis, there is a marked increase in the interest of new students in Wageningen students associations. SSR-W, that recorded 131 applications last year, saw an increase of 100% this year, tallying 262 new registrations. Chair Bram Duurland: ‘When I heard about the number of registrations I thought: this is awesome. It’s a new record in registrations for our association. However, I soon realised it poses quite a challenge.’

‘The new corona protocol allows us to have approximately one hundred persons in the building and one hundred in the garden at any given time’, Duurland continues. ‘So, we must be creative in finding ways to provide space for the new members. Normally, new members visit the association every day in the beginning. That won’t be possible with the social distancing requirements. Although our introduction is online, we hope to also have some physical activities. We are currently awaiting permission from the security region.’

KSV most popular

KSV Franciscus registered approximately as many applicants as last year (291) and continues as the most popular association for the second consecutive year. Chair Emiel Dijkstra is happy: ‘Getting to know so many new people is a bit of a challenge, but it’s great that they chose to enrol with us. At present, they won’t all fit in the building at the same time, but once things normalise, there will be no problem fitting everyone in.’

AID-group at the Ceres building. Photo: Anna den Hartog

Ceres also rises above the 200-threshold with a total of 216 registrations. The last time this was the case, was in 2017. ‘We are thrilled’,  says president Marloes Rietveld. ‘Due to the corona situation, we resolved to allow between 200 and 220 new members this year. This is a perfect fit.’

 Increased enthusiasm

According to Rietveld, the enthusiasm for students associations has increased nation-wide. ‘There is no telling why this is the case. I think that students are eager to enjoy themselves as much as possible during these times. An association is a good way to do that. With the necessary safety measures, associations are the place where members are still able to have a good time.’

Rowing association Argo also shows significant growth: from 190 to 270 registrations. ‘We have space for 280 new members, so we are considering organising a small try-out day just before or just after the start of the new academic year,’ Argo chair Joris Bregman says. ‘That would provide those who want to make use of the last ten spots with one last opportunity to do so.’

‘In real life’

Mik Snijders, secretary of Nji-Sri, is happy with its 61 registrations. ‘Fortunately, we were able to show ourselves during the AID.’ NSW increases from 36 registrations last year to 46 this year, says secretary Juliette van den Boomgaard. We have introduction days on Thursday and Friday, instead of the normal introduction. The municipality will allow us to gather in groups of no more than 30 persons, so we are dividing the group. But we are happy to have the opportunity to organise something “in real life”.’

KSV Franciscus                                                      291290    166 262
W.S.R. Argo270 (280*)190 (280*)304 (280)295 (280)
Total **121495710251155

* Maximum set by Argo

** Total of this list of associations

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