Judith Poelman en Max Finger Bou in WUR Council

Wageningen PhD candidates have elected Judith Poelman and Max Finger Bou to be their representatives on the WUR Council.
Judith Poelman. Photo: Albert Sikkema

Both PhD candidates will join the council as of September.

Wageningen PhD candidates had five candidates to choose from. Out of approximately two thousand PhD candidates, 465 voted in the elections.

Max Finger Bou, PhD candidate at Microbiology, received 176 votes, and 120 votes went to Judith Poelman, PhD candidate at Hydrology and Quantitative Water Management. The remaining three candidates scored fewer votes.

The results of the elections were announced on 12 June by the chair of the WUR Council, Daniël de Jong. Poelman was applauded; Finger Bou was abroad and could not attend.

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