Amount of plastic in your body is limited

An adult on average takes up 880 microplastic particles every day, a model study finds.

Healthy food at the push of a button

Training app beeps to help change eating behaviour.
Traktor in de Betuwe

‘Stricter admittance policy for pesticides required in relation to diseases such as Alzheimer’

‘Link between pesticides and neurodegenerative disease has been a key research topic…

Science Café Wageningen is back

The first live café in months focuses on bio-sensors and personalised medicines.

Is this why we eat unhealthily?

The brain stores information on the location of calorie-rich food best

Pitfalls in moving towards a vegetarian or vegan diet

Study: Novel plant-based alternatives for hamburgers may contain too little fibres and…

A little wiser: Turmeric – hype or panacea?

There are claims that the ‘miracle root’ helps against complaints ranging from…

New break software is more flexible

WorkPace has been replaced by a more modern and more personal programme…

Sweet flavours make E-cigarette attractive

Smokers and non-smokers prefer e-cigarettes with sweet or minty flavours.

Too little government action against obesity

Researchers call for measures to foster a healthy living environment, such as…