Camps and Van Rijn in ABP parliament

WUR employees Camps and Van Rijn have been elected to the accountability body of ABP.

ABP watchdog

WUR researcher Guido Camps wants to join the advisory board of the…

ABP to sell shares in fossil fuel

Retirement fund ABP no longer wishes to invest in oil, natural gas…

Protesters: ABP wants to prevent deforestation

Pension fund to amend investment policy with tips from Wageningen.

Living clock for ABP pension fund

At five minutes to twelve today, some 75 WUR staff members formed…
Illegal deforestation of vegetation native to the Brazilian Amazon forest

Support for greener pension fund

WUR’s board and staff will persuade ABP pension fund to invest greener.

‘Stop deforestation with our money’

WUR staff wants ABP to stop investing their money in the deforestation…

Do we want retirement funds that invest in oil drilling?

WUR employee Jarno Gieteling was shocked to discover that ‘his’ retirement fund…