Goodhart’s law

When a measure becomes the target, it ceases to be a good measure. This may also apply to the PhD criterion within the tenure track system.

Your summer reads?

Roelof Kleis,Tessa Louwerens,Linda van der Nat

It’s almost holiday time, the ideal moment to get some reading done. Resource called WUR staff who have been in the news this academic year and asked what books they would be devouring after all those journal articles and course manuals. Do they have any golden tips or guilty pleasures?

Would you like to present your research at a student conference?

Luuk Zegers

For the first time in seven years, the Euroleague for Life Sciences (ELLS) student science conference will be held in Wageningen. There will be roughly 350 participants from seven countries, over a hundred of which will present their own research. Resource spoke with ELLS project manager Mirjam Troost.