Five Wageningen researchers get grants from diplomacy fund

Five Wageningen researchers are going to strengthen their international network thanks to a contribution from the Dutch Research Council’s Science Diplomacy Fund (NWO).
Drought in north-eastern Brazil. Photo: Shutterstock

The researchers in question are Pieter van Oel, Lisa Becking, Esther van Veen, Vanya van der Grift-Simeonova and Claudius van de Vijver. They will use workshops and exchanges to forge or strengthen relationships with researchers and policymakers from Brazil, China, Indonesia, Russia and Turkey. The aim is for these scientific activities to strengthen diplomatic ties between the Netherlands and its partner countries. The NWO’s Science Diplomacy Fund is new and is awarding grants for the first time.

  • Pieter van Oel, a researcher with Water Resources Management, is going to run a symposium with Brazilian researchers on addressing the impact of drought in the Netherlands and Brazil. He will be discussing new options for drought management.
  • Marine ecologist Lisa Becking wants to make knowledge video clips together with Indonesian researchers with the aim of protecting Indonesia’s coral reefs better against tourism and climate change.
  • Rural sociologist Esther van Veen wants to discuss with Turkish researchers how to keep the city of Istanbul supplied with food in accordance with sustainable energy, waste and water management.
  • Vanya van der Grift-Simeonova, who works for Strategy & Accounts, wants to explore sustainable agricultural innovations in Russia, together with Russian colleagues.
  • And Claudius van de Vijver, coordinator at the Graduate School for Production Ecology and Resource Conservation, will discuss the interdisciplinary collaboration needed to stop viruses from spreading fast. He will focus on workshops with Chinese colleagues.

Through its Science Diplomacy Fund, the NWO works closely with the ministry of Foreign Affairs, ambassadors and the Innovation Attaché Network.

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