What pension?

Everyone employed by the university automatically builds up a pension with ABP. I had a look recently and it turns out all my contributions to…

Tree rings predict the future

Researchers at WUR and their project partners have found a method for…

Blog: The Sound of Hope

Resource-blogger Angelo Braam has returned to the Netherlands after an exchange in…

Blog: The end of an era

After being a student for 20+ years (including kindergarten), once a Masters…

‘Tenure track is a system that has been fairly effective’

Wouter Peters discusses the current tenure track system.

A tall guy and his big bike

Typical Dutch
Breaking the stereotype of Dutch guys not being very romantic*, this guy…

‘No one here has a nine-to-five mentality’

Who? Anna Maria Visscher (26), MSc student of Plant Sciences and International…

‘Oh sorry, my girlfriend and I lost all track of time’

At 52, Eugene van Meteren has seen a bit of the world…
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YOU on campus – ‘I’ve actually done something every year that was more interesting than studying.’

The resits period of the past two weeks meant the library was…

Meanwhile in… Canada

'The fact that almost all the Canadian passengers on that flight were…