Police interview suspects of assault

Multiple suspects have been interviewed on the assault on campus.
Screenshot from the TV show Plaats Delict (Crime Scene), which shared footage of the incident.

A Chinese PhD student was assaulted near Forum at the beginning of April. He was pelted with stones, kicked and beaten. The Police disseminated footage taken by security cameras through the TV show Plaats Delict in June, asking witnesses to come forward. The police received several tips following the programme, and one suspect turned themselves in. Interviews have been conducted with several suspects.

The police declined to comment on questions (Are they minors? Are they from Wageningen? What will happen to them now?) about the suspects at this time, a spokesperson says. ‘The investigation is still ongoing, and we do not wish to influence it in any way.’  In addition to the suspects, the police also interviewed witnesses.

The assault sparked feelings of insecurity among international students and PhDs. They wrote a letter to the university and municipality revealing that international students have been the target of intimidation and violence on multiple occasions. As a result, a meeting on safety was organised so that the audience could ask the police questions.

The police call on witnesses or people who may have photographs or videos of the incident to contact 0900-8844 or Meld Misdaad Anoniem (report a crime anonymously).

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