Photo series: Fairytales Sports Night

Students dressed as fairytale characters played fairytale games last night.
Thymos sportnacht Photo Guy Ackermans

Text Lieke Muijsert Photos Guy Ackermans

An enchanted night: during student sports association Thymos’ annual sports night, eighteen teams competed in eight different games. The team names referred to fairytales, and the team members were dressed as fairytale characters.

WUR students could gather their own team made up of friends and fellow students. The games included rope climbing, bubble football, a sack relay race, and using unusual containers to carry water across a distance. The final game -Saint George and the Dragon- was won by team Vossalona, who managed to steal the most objects without being hit by the ball (don’t ask). Team Grimberen came in second, while De Flikker Ninja’s ended up in third place. The grand prize was an assortment of drinks from sponsor Schrobbelèr.

The Rapunzel Reddingsteam, dressed as the little mermaid, won the award for best costume.

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