Resource student columnist wins prize

Member of the jury Eva Hoeke: ‘Self-derision is of great value in column writing’

Resource student editor and columnist Ilja Bouwknegt won second prize in the student column category during the annual conference of independent university magazines.

In her Resource column, Ilja wrote about how an ‘old’ student makes new friends. Member of the jury  Eva Hoeke (columnist for, among others, de Volkskrant) described the column in her jury report as ‘funny, with mild self-mockery on a universal theme: friendships. Personal and vulnerably written without being overly dramatic. Self-derision is of great value in column writing. The willingness of the French to speak English was well observed, and the fact that it backfires is funny. The serious attempts to figure out what is going on ensure funny anecdotes are not all the piece has to offer without becoming patronising. The reference to an earlier paragraph at the end is great and makes you see a human you would like to befriend.’

The Circle of Editors-in-Chief, which unites 22 independent media in tertiary education, including Resource, organises a conference each year with an awards ceremony. Awards were presented in three categories this year: interviews, student columns and background articles.

Expert juries made up of journalists and columnists judge the pieces submitted by the participating editors. The awards were presented during the annual conference on Thursday, 6 June. This year’s conference was organised by Radboud University’s VOX editors and Sam (Hogeschool Arnhem/Nijmegen). The two other awards, for best interview and best background story, were won by the editors of TU Delft’s Delta (TU Delft).

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