Limelight: The Addams Family

Students perform in Addams Family musical.
Sempre sereno tijdens een repetitie Rehearsing for The Addams Family. Céline Brouwers is at the back wearing a blue outfit. Photo Sempre Sereno

Five performances in four days, starting on Wednesday 22 May. Musical society Sempre Sereno has a new production of The Addams Family that they will be performing in the Junushoff theatre. ‘We need to take good care of our voices this week.’

Laura Gerits (Plant Biotechnology) and Céline Brouwers (Biotechnology) are both in the musical. Gerits plays Pugsley, Wednesday’s little brother. Brouwers is one of the ancestors (‘I’m actually dead’) and plays in the ensemble. The story is about Wednesday falling in love with a boy from a normal family. Brouwers: ‘Of course, the question is whether that ends well. You can expect lots of black humour.’

Preparations for the production started back in September. The society members meet up every week to rehearse. ‘We do everything ourselves, from the costumes to the set design, and the music is played by our own orchestra,’ explains Brouwers. Gerits: ‘Our members range in age from 18 to 60 plus. They are not just students but also people who live in and around Wageningen.’ The week of performances is the high point of the year for the members. ‘You all spend the whole week together at the theatre, which is great fun,’ says Brouwers.


‘We also practise our parts at home,’ says Gerits. ‘I don’t have any flatmates but the neighbours must hear me. They’re OK with it though, I think.’ Brouwers: ‘I don’t practise the really high soprano sections for too long at a stretch.’

The first performance will be next Wednesday, in the main theatre of the Junushoff with seating for an audience of 700. ‘I will be singing a solo part for the first time this year,’ says Gerits, ‘and all my friends and family are coming to watch. I’m nervous about what they will think of it. But I feel we’re ready. The main thing for us this week is not to overdo things and to eat lots of vitamins. It is really important to look after your voice, as you sing very high notes as a soprano.’

The Addams Family
22, 23, 24, 25 May
Junushoff Theatre
Students €20,25 | regular tickets €25,75 (including one drink)
Tickets via the Sempre Sereno website

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