[Seriously?] Festival-goers can get ecologically high

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Now nothing can get in the way of a successful festival season. Last week, Parliament unanimously agreed to a proposal to tolerate the production of MDMA, provided it is done in accordance with fair trade rules and under ecologically responsible conditions.

The party drug MDMA is very popular among festival-going students. Although its use is tolerated, production is prohibited. Despite that, the drug is mass-produced here in the Netherlands. This leads to major problems, such as criminal practices and illegal waste dumping in nature areas.

The government wants to change this by tolerating the production of eco-MDMA. Any dealer who can prove that their product comes from an MDMA lab with eco-certification can get the coveted eco-label. The first requirement is that the lab must be located in a farmer’s chicken barn that has at least two Better Life stars. The lab must also separate its waste before dumping it in the Brabant forests. This makes decontamination easier for soil researchers. Finally, the dealer must ensure that the drug is distributed in biodegradable bags.

The ecological impact of illegal MDMA production can only be restricted by government regulation

While some see this as a sudden change, the Wageningen professor of soil decontamination Wilco Cain has been advocating such a measure for years. ‘In the end, every Dutch person is the same: as soon as the crocuses start appearing and the sun comes out, we all sit out at pavement cafes and buy tickets for whichever festival comes along first. And just as an elaborate snack platter is part of cafe culture nowadays, various white powders are increasingly becoming a part of the festival experience. The bitterbal is to drinks what MDMA is to the world of partying.’

‘The alarm should have been raised much sooner. For years, snorting a line in a smelly portable toilet has gnawed at the conscience (and the nose) of every socially engaged festival-goer. The social and ecological impact of illegal MDMA production can only be restricted through careful government regulation. The eco-MDMA initiative gives me confidence that our government is capable of keeping up with the times and listening to the people.’

Check if your local dealer meets your requirements here: www.ecoMDMA.org

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